Huge Impact of Reducing Packaging

More on the whole “small changes amplified” meme. The EcoStreet Blog reports on the positive impact Nature’s Path’s decision reduce packaging by 10% (emphasis theirs).

Nature’s Path produce a range of organic breakfast cereals in Canada. They claim to always have been concerned about their use of packaging. So much so, they offer bulk packs of most of their cereals and always use recycled cardboard. They have furthered their commitment by resizing the boxes of their core products which will reduce the packaging by 10%.

Reducing our package size by 10% lessens our yearly impact upon the earth by saving over 700,000 gallons of water, 500,000 KWh of energy, and 75 tons of paperboard

I can guarantee that the hidden message here is that they also save lots of $$ in the process. It’s a pretty simple equation – reducing consumption reduces costs. Nice one…