Note to Apple: How to turn a fan into a detractor

Just wasted 40 mins talking to Apple Australia tech support/customer service to try and get an answer as to why .Mac synchronisation still isn’t working (it’s been over a month).

Firstly, although I’m paying an inflated amount to have the service through Apple Australia (the extra paid for the Australian service is well above the exchange rate) they can’t offer technical support over the phone – it has to be done “online through the U.S”.

I’ve already been down this path already – trying the email address, and searching for a technical support form. Needless to say I’ve not had any success to date.

When you go to the .Mac support site the only sign of a support form is the “feedback and comments” form. I clicked the link and found the “Support” option in the Feedback type drop-down list. I think – ahh – this is the right form… Nope. When you submit the confirmation message says that they can’t accept support queries via this form. WTF?

So, after being batted from Technical Support to Customer Service (which, I might add, are not available via the main menu because they are an “escalation service”) they point me to the Setting up your .Mac account and billing help form. There is no option in the “Specific request” field for support, yet this, apparently is where I need to send support requests. WTF?

Anyways, I doubt I’ll get a response, but we’ll see. I’m certainly not holding my breath. I’m this close from canceling my account and demanding a refund…