Choose – create or listen – how ’bout both?

Riffing on the participation media meme: I recently created a myspace profile (partly for work) to see how it all worked and to link up with some friends that were using the service. After about a week I thought it might be cool to post some demos of the tracks I’ve put together as we audition for folks to join my new band.

As far as I can tell, you can’t upload music to myspace unless you are registered as an “artist” but to do so you have to use a different email address. In other words, I had to create a whole new profile. So I did (luckily I have a plethora of email addresses to choose from).

Today I went to Purevolume to check out The Devoted Few’s new profile there. Barry suggested creating a listening profile too, so I went to the sign-up page. The first question they ask: are you an artist or a listener.

I’m both. And it annoys me that I have to choose between them. I’m not sure if I have to create a whole new profile for PV like I did in myspace, but I do find this an unnecessary distinction, and quite annoying ‘coz I then have to remember a whole new set of credentials, and maintain two separate spaces on these sites. It would be so easy to support multiple profiles per sign-in…

Anyway – enough of my griping – I’d recommend checking out Purevolume – there’s some cool music to be found. is another promising site that’s been around for a while, but seems to be gaining traction at the moment, as is Pandora (haven’t had a chance to check out either yet).

Update 07/03: Amy says it’s possible – I couldn’t find any options like this. Anyone know how to do it?

Update 08/03: So, in the comments Amy shows how easy it is to convert a myspace profile. Who woulda thought to use the “help” link. G’ah! Very much a case of RTFM – I should have dug a little deeper before posting…

Update 09/03: Actually, I was just thinking about it. What I am after is not what Amy’s pointer does. What I want is a single sign-in with multiple profiles, not the ability to change a profile to something else. At the moment I have to still remember two lots of sign-in details. This may not seem like much, but it gets incredibly annoying when you have to repeatedly sign-in and out of the system to make changes to each profile (incl. accepting friend requests). But anyways, I’ve said enough already. It’s a reasonably small issue in the grand scheme of shit, so not really worth harping on about…

  • you’re right, dood. it’s an annoying distinction to have to make when you are both. you’ll find a lot of doubling up on myspace with folks creating artist pages and personal pages.

  • everybody calm down! you can change a pleb myspace page to an artist one..don’t ask me how but i know there’s a way.

  • it’s the first question that comes up when you click help!!

    Q. How do I convert my profile to a band profile?

    A. First you will need to login to your account. Then you will need to click on the following link, or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar: Please be aware that if you convert to a band profile, you CANNOT convert back to a regular profile.

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