The Independent on climate change

Interesting article over at The Independent (UK) about what people want to be done about climate change. Lots of reader suggestions being passed on to a UK inquiry:

All the contributions from our readers are being forwarded to the All-Party Climate Change Group, led by the Labour MP Colin Challen, who has argued that radical initiatives, free of narrow party political concerns, may have to be taken.

It’s interesting that both a recent survey by Environmental Defense, and this article, highlight the perceived need for a combination of both personal action and government legislation. This, incidentally, is my view too, but there seems to be a growing awareness that government’s need to step up to the mark to keep business in check.

We’re about to update the Future is Man Made site to include some basic steps you can take, with surprisingly effective results. But that’s only half the battle. Writing to your local MP and expressing your concerns, as well as suggesting some of the obvious solutions is vital if government is to move.

Regardless, it’s good to see a newspaper make an effort at involving its readers and raising the profile of this important issue (even though The Independent is known for its left-leaning readership and editorial policy). I often wonder what would happen if the Daily Telegraph here in Sydney actually ran a well worded poll (which is unlikely in itself!) asking readers to send in their suggestions and thoughts. It would be a very interesting read methinks…