Species extinction

One of the key angles of WWF-Australia’s ‘The future is man made’ campaign is that species extinction is occurring at an alarming rate. One of the stats we use is that 8 species will become extinct every hour globally (which is pretty frightening imo).

The BBC is running a series on this wave of extinctions – the program is called “Planet under pressure“. Interesting reading if you’re looking for a bit of background on species extinction and what the current rate is. The intro to the piece:

All the creatures we share the Earth with are important in some way, however unprepossessing or insignificant they may appear. They and we are all part of the web of life.

From the dawn of time, extinction has usually progressed at what scientists call a natural or background rate. Today the tempo is far faster.

Many scientists believe this is the sixth great wave – the sixth mass extinction to affect life on Earth.

In other environment news, the Coolhunting points to Greenpeace’s ‘Danger Global Warming’ project. Check the Coolhunting article for details, and then check out the online gallery.