iMac back

So I got my iMac back from the shop last night. The guys at TRS humoured me and tested the Presonus Firebox on a couple of other iMacs to work out what was happening with the power issues.

Works perfectly on an Intel-based iMac. Same on an “old” G5 iMac (the ones without the iSight). But it fails to boot on any of the last G5 iMacs. We think we’ve worked it out – the built-in iSight is powered off the firewire bus, and must draw just enough power to be underpowered for the Presonus boot process.

During the conversation with the techs there I also discovered that the last G5 iMacs are an absolute pain to service. The original iMacs made a big show-and-dance about how easy upgrades were. Seems that marketing requirements outweighed good design with the new case designs.

So, not only is my computer half the speed of the new Intel iMacs; not only now worth (at least) $1,000 less; but poor design decisions mean that the firewire bus is underpowered and it’s a shit to upgrade. Splendid!

Can anyone spell dog?