I as chatting to a friend I bumped into the other day, and he mentioned a band called Pivot in passing. The mention piqued my interest so I checked out their site and liked what I heard (I checked out their MySpace profile too). I thought – “cool, I’ll grab that CD sometime soon”.

Fast-forward a week and I’m trawling through JB HiFi at Leichardt and find their CD, “Make me love you”. I pick it up, but don’t get a chance to check it out that day.

The next day, Ang and I rock up to a cafe we’ve never been to before just near King Street Newtown. I’m digging the tunes playing in the cafe. The first track as we’re walking in sounds good. Then another. Then another. One track Ang and I swear we’ve heard recently, but neither of us can place it. I ask the waitress who’s playing, but it’s just a burnt mix CD and they don’t really know. I walk away thinking “damn – I really liked those tracks, I wish I knew who it was…”

I get home later that day and chuck on my freshly purchased Pivot CD. First track sounds familiar. Then we hit track five, “La Mer”, and suddenly it clicks – yes, indeed, the track we couldn’t place at the cafe. Then I remember that the track that first caught my attention at the cafe is the title track of the CD.

I’ve listened to the CD a couple of times over the past 24 hours and I’m really digging it. I hope that it holds out over the next few listens (you know how CDs or tracks that instantly grab you often become tiresome after a few listens?). Well worth checking out if you have a moment.