More on the Flash micro-site

Seems this post eminated from a misunderstanding. There was no intention to do an all Flash site – though that was the distinct impression I got from the discussion. The politics of the situation meant I didn’t feel at ease to ask the question there and then, the result – misunderstanding.

The site will be standards compliant using Flash elements with appropriate alternate content for non-Flash-enabled browsers. Most excellent. Sigh of relief and all that…

The site structure still won’t enable conversation in it’s initial form, but the email follow-ups to the campaign will take a big step in that direction. And because the site will be XHTML/CSS based, and built upon our CMS system, we will hopefully be able to morph the concept over time (resources permitting) to something more community-oriented.

As an aside, yesterday was filled with great conversations around here about how we can become more “two-way” in our communications via the net, as well as looking at podcasting/vidcasting opportunities. The cool part is that I’m not having to sell in the ideas to the folks around here – they seem well-rooted already – it’s more about working out what this looks like for our organisation and supporters. Very cool!