Ethical, organic & open source

The Freedom Clothing project [via hippyshopper].

Awesome! They only seem to have two style plain tees at the moment, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone successfully pull together the organic/ethical mix. Very open and transparent – including a flickr photo stream of the manufacturing process. (I’m not quite sure what the “open source” bit means – I’ll have to dig some more later…)

  • Hi

    We’ve borrowed the term ‘open-source’ from the software idea.

    Basically, we’re trying to be totally transparent about our suppliers and invite ordinary people to contribute ideas and enthusiasm. Nobody is trying to become a millionare – we’re just struggling to provide a product as a consumer we would be happy to buy.


  • Hi Joe – yeh – I thought that might be the case. I was going to check out the site some more.

    FYI I was involved in a similar venture that didn’t end up evolving past the design stage – so I’m super excited by what y’all are doing.

    I’m also working with a local designer looking to source ethically and organic at the moment. I’d love to chat to you about your experience (but I’ll post to you privately about that).

    Anyways – thanks for getting out there and making it happen!!!

  • The Edun stuff only seems focused on ethically sourced, not on organic cotton also. There are a number of different companies that either focus on ethical sourcing, or organic material.

    It’s the combination of the two that I’m so excited about.

    It’s incredibly difficult to get organic cotton or hemp for clothing manufacture. And although any effort to improve labour conditions is valuable, our collective use of non-organic cotton is a major problem both in terms of impact on environment (water and pesticide usage, damage to soil) and for the sustainability farmers in developing countries (having to pay for said pesticides, having to deal with the environmental impacts).

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