Ethical labeling in fashion

Way back when I was thinking about setting up a fair-trade fashion label, I thought about how we would measure our footprint and social outcomes, and how to present that to customers.

Seems Timberland has had a crack at just that, although Joel’s post shows the short-comings of such labeling schemes. Kudos for making the effort, which breaks from traditional approaches. Hopefully they can address the shortcomings of the system that Joel points out. Certainly food for thought.

Related: I have caught up with an ex-WWF employee who has been designing clothes for some time and is wanting to have a shot at setting up a label. We’ve touched base and plan to meet in the coming weeks to share info and just generally chat. I hope that her energy can mebbe get something similar to the huméco concept off the ground. Nothing’s happened yet, but the missing link with huméco was always the design side (along with a number of organisational mistakes on my part), so I’m pretty excited to be able to pass on some experience, info and contacts to help get this off the ground.