Gristmill: GarbageScout:

Think Google maps, mobile phones, and free stuff in the garbage. … If you see something good, snap a picture of it with your camera phone, and email it to GarbageScout. It will go up on the home page and others can go and get it.

We have a lane out the back of our house and I’m constantly amazed at how quickly stuff is picked up – even stuff I would never dream would be useful for anyone else is snapped up in days, if not hours. Ang and I often joke that someone has a camera at the end of the street, ready to pounce when something of interest is put out the back. Perhaps it’s not such a crazy (paranoid?) idea after all.

On the subject of camera phones – yesterday some one in a big f&*k-off four wheel drive (SUV in US parlance) parked illegally on the corner of the round-about near our house. It was quite an obnoxious action that caused visibility issues and a driving hazard in our street. It was sooooooo tempting to take a quick snapshot with my phone of the situation (and number plate) to send in to the RTA. I chose not to, but this is the kind of future that is possible with the incessant advance of technology. Something to think about.