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The Bush administration spent more than $1.6 billion over a 30-month period on public relations and advertising contracts to promote its policies and programs, according to a report released yesterday by the nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress. By way of comparison, Bush’s much-heralded Advanced Energy Initiative pledges a total of $996 million to alternative energy research.

More on the Flash micro-site

Seems this post eminated from a misunderstanding. There was no intention to do an all Flash site – though that was the distinct impression I got from the discussion. The politics of the situation meant I didn’t feel at ease to ask the question there and then, the result – misunderstanding.

The site will be standards compliant using Flash elements with appropriate alternate content for non-Flash-enabled browsers. Most excellent. Sigh of relief and all that…

The site structure still won’t enable conversation in it’s initial form, but the email follow-ups to the campaign will take a big step in that direction. And because the site will be XHTML/CSS based, and built upon our CMS system, we will hopefully be able to morph the concept over time (resources permitting) to something more community-oriented.

As an aside, yesterday was filled with great conversations around here about how we can become more “two-way” in our communications via the net, as well as looking at podcasting/vidcasting opportunities. The cool part is that I’m not having to sell in the ideas to the folks around here – they seem well-rooted already – it’s more about working out what this looks like for our organisation and supporters. Very cool!

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Mac Security vulnerability

It was bound to happen: A significant Mac vulnerability surfaced yesterday

Anyone using Safari to download stuff should disable automatic opening of safe files in the Preferences > General panel. And keep an eye out for the next security update 😉

Maybe all the Mac fanboys that claim Mac OS X as “free from security holes” will start to rethink their argument. Saw an interesting article on potential InputManager security issues the other day as well. The Mac has largely been safe through obscurity rather than (necessarily) design. As Apple products become more popular, this kind of thing will surface more and more…

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