How much further papa smurf?

Well… it’s been a hard slog the past few months (thus the lull in posting here), but just over a year since I started at WWF-Australia I’m proud to point y’all to the updated WWF-Australia website.

There’s some big things, and many, many small, but important, things that have changed on the site. It’s very much a “version 1.0” – lots of stuff on my todo list to work through between now and Christmas. But the bulk of what we set out to achieve is now done.

The site is driven by a custom developed, PHP/MySQL-based, content management system, which is where a bulk of my time has been committed on the project. The admin system is fairly rudimentary at the moment, but this was by design so that we could get the first version up. I expect that it will continue to grow, develop and be refined over the next 12-24 months. Many thanks to Jeremy from GreenAsh for helping bootstrap it all.

The core engine includes some nice things like version control, structure editing, content routing (routing content to various sections based on content), heaps of RSS support (including enclosures for podcasts when we need them), among other things. Conceptually the system is a little bit like a mash-up of Drupal and some other CMS systems. I hope that we can continue to refine the system and turn it into an open source project when the time is right.

The design was produced in collaboration with Leonard from Aurum3. It’s been a challenging, sometimes frustrating, process due to so many competing requirements. But I’m quite pleased with the result.

We’ve got some cool things planned for next year as part of our web strategy – so I’m looking forward to unveiling some new projects over the next year.

There’s so much on the technical, design and content fronts to talk about. But it’s been a long few months and I’m taking a few days off to recuperate. I’ll see what sticks out as worth writing about over the next few months. Certainly I hope that I’ll have a bit more blogging time now 😉

Thanks to anyone who’s looked at rough designs, helped with testing and technical issues, put up with my venting/frustrations/ruminations. And for understanding when I’ve not had time to do other stuff. Your support is very much appreciated.

Anyways… I’m off now to play with my new iMac and maybe do some music stuff again (something I’ve not had the time to look at for some time). Have a good weekend y’all, I sure will 🙂

  • well done Grant, I well remember the talks we’d have about your frustrations over the project, so it’s great to see you have managed to get it all up and running. congrats dude!

    i also just finished a major project for a client of mine involving a php/mysql CMS. including a site tree which controls the site’s drop down menus (re-arrange structure, order, add new pages, offline editing), RichText editor, image uploads, etc. It was a headache to pull it all off, but very rewarding to see it all working well. I am relieved, and it only took me 2 months to do – I can only imagine the relief you must feel after a whole year of work.

    Have fun with your time off, looking forward to hearing any new tunes. be sure to post demos.

  • Awesome work, Grant! I know how much of yourself you poured into the new site, and I’m really happy to see that it’s all turned out well. The site really reflects the attention to detail (dare I say.. perfectionism, or obsessiveness? :-p) that I saw you adhere to when I was working with you.

    Also, nice new blog design you’ve got here! I should check out your blog more often..

    – Jeremy.

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