Terrorist raids

The PM has his coup. Front-page headlines proclaiming an “imminent” terrorist plot has been foiled. I had to scan four pages and five articles to uncover what suspected all along:

The Federal Government’s decision to rush counter-terrorism laws through Parliament has been vindicated by the police raids resulting in the arrest of 17 people, the Prime Minister has suggested.

…But police sources said that the raids could have gone ahead without the amendment rushed through Parliament last week.

"It was going to happen anyway," one source said.

"We already had the powers and we believed the threat was becoming imminent, so we had to act on it regardless."

This little tidbit, however, is not emblazened upon the front page, or the second page, but the first mention occurs in a lesser article on the fifth or sixth page of the print paper, 9th in the online edition this morning.

Disappointing, but entirely expected. I can’t help but think that the media are complicit in bolstering Howard’s stance by not clearly identifying this more prominently in their lead articles.

Still, I’m glad that at least the issues are being aired.

  • Yeah i came back from NZ and all this shit is going down made we want to get back on the plane back to NZ.

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