WWF.org.au nominated for web award

We just found out that we’ve been chosen as a finalist in the NetGuide Australian Web Awards for 2005 in the "Best community/charity site" category.

The winners will be announced in April 2006 (which is after our site redesign/restructure which will be launched this week – hopefully that helps!). But there’s also a "People’s Choice Award". So of course I’ll ask y’all the obligatory "can you go and vote for me" question 😉 Here’s the voting form.

(Of course, props must go to Andrew Knott, who now works for Poke; much of the current site is a result of Knotty’s blood, sweat and tears).

Toyota hybrids

Good news from Toyota [via Green Car Congress via WorldChanging]

By making the system smaller than the current second-generation system, Toyota will also expand the use of the system to most of its mid-size or larger cars, according to the paper.

At the Sydney motor show the Toyota rep hinted that we might be seeing hybrid as an “option” on all Toyota cars within the next few years. Looks like this might be happening…

Pre-Traumatic Stress

The Bartlett Diaries: Pre-Traumatic Stress. Andrew Bartlett has changed blog home, and has written this must read post. As a citizen I feel angry too about these laws and the processes underway.

I can only imagine what it is like for a politician of Andrew’s background to sit through it as well, feeling powerless to stop them despite being an elected representative – supposedly the post in our democracy that you can make changes happen. Is it any wonder that people don’t want to get involved in politics?

AGL’s Green Living…

…Is not Green Power.

To be crystal clear – these thoughts are my own, and not necessarily the same as those of my employer.

AGL are pimping Green Living which is 5% accredited, and 95% non-accredited renewable energy. Don’t get suckered – this is not Green Power. If you want to make the switch, make sure it’s accredited.

Ang and I participated in an excellent series of seminars at the Watershed in Newtown on sustainable living over the past few weeks. One of the interesting things was that there, in a group of a dozen or so people passionate about reducing their eco-footprint, only two people had signed up for Green Power. Most were aware of it, but had not looked into it for one reason or another (I’m not bagging anyone out here, just intrigued).

Asking the room why, they responded that they either didn’t think that renewable energy was the “real deal” or just some sham. Operators like AGL and Jack Green don’t help matters at all by deliberately obfuscating things.

Accredited Green Power is the way to go if you are interested in renewable energy. Look for the “green tick”. WWF-Australia has a list of Green Power providers in Australia, along with pointers to each provider’s information page. We’ll hopefully be doing more on this topic next year.

FTR, I signed up with Origin Energy on a 100% Green Power contract a few months ago. We just got our first bill, and though it’s hard to say, it seems cost comparable to previous months (a couple of $ more expensive for a three month period).

Wave of terror

Across the front page of the SMH this morning “Wave of Terror sweeping across the globe”. They go on to list the bali bomber death, the blasts in Jordan, etc. etc. One small omission: the 26,000+ people that have died in Iraq as a result of miltary intervention. A war which involves our own defence forces.

“Oh but that doesn’t count as ‘terror'”. Why? “Because it’s the military, because we are ‘liberating’ Iraq”. Such a twisted view of the world that can live with 26,000 deaths abroad, but speak of “horror” and “terror” when we lose “our own”. Until we wake up and realise this, the terrorist threat in Australia, and the west, will continue unabated.

Meanwhile our Prime Minister is pushing anti-terrorist laws described by one NSW politician as being a quality to make Hitler smile. And our democratic devices (namely the Senate) have been put on a leash and, without a Liberal back-bench revolt, will be passed into law. So who are we bringing “democracy and freedom” to again?