Web 2.0

Jeremy pens Web 2.0, and other nauseating buzzwords.

I’ve seen a lot of banter on the blogs about what “Web 2.0” is along with some similar thoughts to Jeremy’s. Jeff Veen’s talk was great at putting forward an idea that was about more than technology (old problems, new technology, participation), but generally speaking I too think the term is largely devoid of meaning, for much the same reasons that Jeremy outlines.

As for the “MacOcracy” – well, I now use a Mac at work and home, so I’m hardly unbiased 😉 Suffice to say that I like Mac OS X because it is pleasant to use and usually doesn’t die on me the way my Windows box did when I used it for coding for a number of years. No random hardware or software conflicts. More consistent experience with new applications (although this is changing, as Brent Simmons documents).

But what switched me back to Mac OS X was the Unix underpinnings – the power plus the eye-candy is what I like. But there are lots of other subtle things that the Mac OS does that, to many people, make it a more elegant system to use.