Thanks to those of you that posted comments on the Web Essentials stuff. My ISP has some very tight controls to prevent comment spam, and I’ve been made aware of at least one comment not coming through – so thanks also to those of you that tried to comment but couldn’t.

One comment came via email from Molly (I think it’s important to pass on):

Fascinating, and I’m very happy that my blog post helped change your
perception! Your original comment about paying money for topics and
speakers to hear me go on about the topics and speakers made me laugh
because it was true! However, it’s important to point out that a keynote
address is often just that: an introduction to the speakers, the ideas, and
the overall vision that the conference is presenting.

I’m very happy that my blog post helped expand that idea, and that you
ultimately had a valuable experience.

Warm regards,
Molly 🙂

Thanks Molly 🙂 It’s interesting – this is the first event of this kind that I’ve attended – so that’s definitely good to know for the future. Just wanted to add that, as with most good experiences that I have, the value of the conference is growing the more time I have to reflect on it. I really got a lot of value out of all of the presenters’ contributions.