Kiva is a micro-financier that allows individuals like us to provide the finance [via Seth Godin]. This is what I’ve been looking for in an aid program to support. Just need to check out the credentials of the organisation before I sign up. But looks good so far.

Presumption of Innocence

Dan Gillmor: Bush Rediscovers Presumption of Innocence. Please read it to make sense of the next bit…

Absolutely! This is one of the things I had on my blogging to-do list. When I heard this on the radio I nearly choked on my coffee! How does Bush expect anyone to take him seriously when there are such serious discrepancies in his actions.

That post I hinted at on Saturday is on its way which talks a bit more about this in relation to the proposed “terror laws”.

iTunes store in Oz

Not that I believe what I read in the Daily Telegraph, but it seems that the iTunes store is finally coming to Australia. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I do hope the rumour is true.

UPDATE: Opening on 25 October – you can currently sign up to the store, but can’t buy just yet. Rumour is Sony/BMG are still not joining the party – which is stupid on their part. They’ll come around soon enough…


It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was excited about my new Mac Powerbook and iPod. Shortly after I was taken by how much it had become a hub for the things I did – music, graphics, net stuff etc…

Well, today I placed my order for a new 20 ” iMac and iPod Nano. The iMac will be set up as a music workstation and home entertainment system (for DVDs and music).

My Powerbook, as reliable and portable as it is, just isn’t up to what I need it to do nowadays in terms of music and graphics. Too many hours spent bouncing in Live to get reasonable performance, and having to go into work to do design stuff. The 20″ screen will be nice to get used to as well…

The Nano, well, is just too sweet for me to not have one 😉

All of it is on order at the moment and probably won’t arrive for a few weeks, but I’m in no great hurry (as long as it gets here before Christmas I’m happy).

Over the next few months I’m going to upgrade my audio I/O to probably a PreSonus Firebox, and upgrade to version 5 of Ableton Live, with the hope to do some new music stuff and recording over the Christmas break and into the new year. I picked up an upgrade to Logic 7 Express with the iMac as well.

So if anyone’s interested in a cheap Powerbook 😉

Entrepreneur matters…

Evan Williams posts some correspondence from Naveed Ahmed about being an entrepreneur:

I think to be a successful entrepreneur only 3 things matter:

  1. A clear vision of where your company is going.
  2. Genuine desire and passion to create amazingly great products/services.
  3. Strong conviction that your product/service is going to make a positive difference in your customer’s life.

Evan likes it – so do I. I think it captures the essence of what my aim was with joining Marc at NETaccounts (I don’t speak for Marc, but I believe he feels this way too).