At Web Essentials 05 today and tomorrow. Not sure if I’m going to be able to blog live, but maybe some musings and notes will make their way into this space…

We have wifi here, which is a nice change, although it’s running pretty slow – probably a result of all the geeks online here ;). Looking forward to the conference. Thankfully there isnt’ a lot of overlap in terms of the sessions I want to attend. Still undecided about some tomorrow, but mebbe someone else I know will be going to one which will make the decision easier.

Just found out the conference is being podcast. The girl at the front desk was counting the number of Crumpler bags on the way in. And there are sooooo many Mac laptops here. Mostly Powerbooks (in fact I’ve not seen an iBook yet). Needless to say I feel very at home here 🙂