Veen + Meyer

Well – the lack of posting for the past two sessions was a reflection of the content of the talks (Tantek’s session was cut even shorter by a fire alarm going off!).

Jeffrey Veen was awesome – really energetic and inspiring and interesting. Put forward some good ideas on approaches to determining what your visitors are after and organising your content accordingly. Nothing ground-breaking, but very interesting. The question I would have asked is how to work these things out when you don’t have budget for visitor interviews/focus groups, or at least how to do these things on a limited budget. Perhaps at drinks tonight… I’ll probably want to revisit the podcast of that one.

Eric Meyer showed us how he approaches the transformation of a comp Photoshop file to final CSS design. It was light on technical detail, but was interesting to see. One thing that caught my attention was that he doesn’t think about browser issues until very late in his process, although it was obvious that some of his choices were informed by understanding what is possible in what browsers, even early on.

A short lunch means that afternoon sessions won’t be starting too late. A tough day for the organisers to be sure…