Forgetting feature requests

37signals: Getting Real: Forget feature requests. [via Seth Godin]

How do you track all these requests? You don’t. Read them and then throw them away.

Yup, read them and throw them away. The ones that are really important will keep bubbling up. And those are the ones you’ll remember. Those are the important ones. You don’t need to track or remember everything – let your customers be your memory. They’ll remind you.

My experience matches what Jason describes. The tough part, for sure, is working out how to keep things simple as you add more to a product. In the case of NETaccounts, I think the balance has been lost to a degree with the recent 4.0 launch, which introduces the single most requested feature – item-based invoicing.

It’s kind of like the difference between XML-RPC/SOAP or RSS/Atom – one does the job because it doesn’t do everything, the other has it’s uses, but uptake/usability is limited.