37 days: Replace “they” with “we” with “I”.

When you look at the TV coverage of this, count the people you see by ones, not by the thousands. Every single one of them has a story, whether they are the little boy who cried until he vomited when his dog, Snowball, was taken from him because pets weren’t allowed on the bus to the Astrodome, or my friend’s 92-year-old aunt somewhere, somewhere in this painful reality. We must see ourselves in their stories. What keeps us from doing that? What makes it possible to disassociate so radically that we cannot demand the change that must occur for people to live and die in dignity, not squalor?

I’ve read lots of stories, lots of political analysis, lots of fingers pointed at the Bush administration (seemingly well founded I might add). This post touched me and made me more aware. So easy to lose perspective when so distant. Patti challenges us to “find ourselves in their stories” – so important in times like these.

  • thanks for passing this on…it touched me also…….

    Times like this, i feel so saddened…and angry..and I dont know what to do to help….and sometimes there are no words

    peace and love to all ……..yes even to Mr Bush………


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