Coles stocks fair trade

Ang and I went to an Oxfam presentation the other night and someone there mentioned that Coles was about to stock a fair trade coffee brand. Last night we found it – Scarborough Fair coffee. Keep an eye out for it if coffee is your kinda thang…

  • Excellent to hear! Not that I am a coffee person, but I am a fair trade person!

    coles seems to be ahead of woolies with this kind of thing, they have had fair trade hot choc for ages ( up here anyway) and a coles brand of organics etc. I seem to recall that they were more receptive when it comes to concerns about GE as well ( i could be wrong on that though) and I have also found that they stock much more vegetarian stuff.

    And I wont even begin to rant about the Woolies in Maleny stuff – for this reason alone we never shop at Woolies.

    Not saying that Coles are perfect or anything, but they seem to be more open…..


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