Coles stocks fair trade

Ang and I went to an Oxfam presentation the other night and someone there mentioned that Coles was about to stock a fair trade coffee brand. Last night we found it – Scarborough Fair coffee. Keep an eye out for it if coffee is your kinda thang…


BBC: Eco-designs on future cities.

I seem to be seeing more and more about sustainable design, particularly housing, popping up on my radar of late. I recently went to see the “Houses of the Future” exhibition at Homebush bay a couple of weeks ago. Overall the presentation was fairly underwhelming, and some of the claims of sustainability were questionable (using steel for one house for example, with no mention of the issues surrounding mining). But, there were some great ideas there, and I think it is a good sign that these ideas are gaining acceptance.

The Powerhouse is currently home to some shows for the Sydney Design 05 program. The lack of focus on sustainable design was also disappointing, but there was an interesting section on eco-friendly homes.

In the coming weeks there is another exhibition at Powerhouse called “Watts ‘n’ Drops” which focuses on water and energy use. It will be interesting to see how well that one does.

I can only hope that this is a growing trend, and that we’ll start to see these kind of events happening more often. What would be even better is if we start seeing these issues being raised, and new technologies being demonstrated, at more mainstream shows like the Sydney Home Show and the like.


LifeStraw [via Make]:

LifeStraw was developed as a practical response to the billions of people who are still without access to these basic human rights.


Jim Moore shares some thoughts on what he terms “DIY Web Superservices”. Very interesting for anyone following web services and syndication technologies…