Work stuff

Still working on the CMS among other things. Yesterday arvo we launched our first opt-in supporter email in something like two years. You can preview it here if you’re interested.

Although it doesn’t look like much, it is the culmination of about three months (on and off) work to get a design, get content, develop a sending and bounce-management tool (one of our IT suppliers, Solutions First, did the heavy lifting on that one). It is also the first “visible” result of the work I’ve been doing (apart from minor tweaks to the design and content updates on the main website). It also hints at the new design direction we’re taking the new site (although it is still significantly different).

Nuff said. Back to work… 😉

  • it looks nice, i like the soft outer-shadow around the edges. its a nice simple clean design and it works (for me at least!).

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