You’re probably all aware of the suspected terrorist attacks in London overnight (our time). It’s hard to comprehend the impact of these events on the people who have been injured, or have lost loved ones. When I saw images of the bus that had been attacked you can’t help but get a horrible sinking feeling…

It’s hard to know how to feel about Blair’s “afternoon visit” to London, pulling himself away from the G8. Discussion of resolving debt in African nations, trade talks, and the need to look appropriately shaken but still resolute vs. dealing with a tragedy at home. Tough call.

During the blanket coverage on the major news networks, incessantly repeating the same unconfirmed, pointless information, I turned to the wikinews story on the attacks (via Joi Ito).

I have to admit I’ve been a sceptic about the wikinews project, but last night it became clear just how valuable it is. IMO it was the best coverage of the event around, and continues to develop and evolve (the article that’s there today is very different to the one that was there last night). All of the relevant phone numbers for hotlines established by embassies etc. are there, along with the clearest picture I’ve seen of reported events.

Both the end-result, and the near real-time developments last night were invaluable in getting some idea of what was happening. It is a different approach, but I think provides a valuable addition to the media sphere.

Doc Searls has more, and points to the wikipedia article.