Work stuff

Still working on the CMS among other things. Yesterday arvo we launched our first opt-in supporter email in something like two years. You can preview it here if you’re interested.

Although it doesn’t look like much, it is the culmination of about three months (on and off) work to get a design, get content, develop a sending and bounce-management tool (one of our IT suppliers, Solutions First, did the heavy lifting on that one). It is also the first “visible” result of the work I’ve been doing (apart from minor tweaks to the design and content updates on the main website). It also hints at the new design direction we’re taking the new site (although it is still significantly different).

Nuff said. Back to work… 😉

Quick news

Last night we officially signed the documents to shut down all the bits and pieces related to Glance. In fine form it was at a local Newtown pub and it was a fun and relaxing night catching up with Baz, Dave and Tobes. V. cool!

In other news it looks like I’ll be working on the next Devoted Few website. We’ll be debuting the content management system I’ve been toiling over these past few weeks and re-theming the site on the basis of their up-coming remix EP, Schematic Tracks. V. V. cool!!

Good response

So I sent a quick note with my unsubscribe request to Ethical Investor’s email list with feedback about why I was unsubscribing. The lack of links to articles and the unavailability of more than one article for free viewing being my gripe. “What’s the use” was the general gist. I wasn’t overly polite…

The next day I get an email thanking me for the feedback with an offer of a two week trial subscription to get a better taste for the paid service. Three days later I receive the current edition in the mail with a thank you note and subscription information. Nice work!

Turns out the information in the print magazine (and the cheaper price point) make it a possible option for subscription at work. We may not subscribe, but regardless my impression of the company has been boosted as a result of their excellent response.

Hippy Bifday Too Me…

In just a few hours Saturn will have started it’s rotation again and I’ll be kicking the Big-Three-Oh! (I’m going to be offline for most of the weekend, so thought I’d post something before I unplug).

I’m glad to say that I’m not one of those people that hangs a lot of expectations on where I should be, or what I should have done, or any of that stuff. I was chatting to my Mum a few minutes ago and I think it’s a bigger deal for her than it is for me (the youngest of two brothers – by a fair distance – her baby finally growing up and all that).

Usually around my birthday I get restless. Nothing big, just a general sense of unease, like I need to move on, or change what I’m doing or starting something new. It starts off as just a general sense that I’m not comfortable a month or two before, and then gets more intense as the day comes near.

This year has been a bit the same, but with a twist. I’ve been questioning a couple of things, but overall I’m glad to be where I am, and I’m looking forward to the future. I feel like I’m in the right place, doing the right things. I have an underlying sense of contentment that is unfamiliar – contentment is not a feeling I’ve felt in a very long time. This is a good thing, and it’s nice to stop for a second to recognise it…

So I’m celebrating by enjoying a long-long weekend – some time off work (a rarety lately) to relax and enjoy the blue mountains, and catching up with some friends and spending time with Ang. See y’all on the other side 🙂

For those that are interested, I’m planning to have a few celebratory drinks next Friday (July 22) before going to see Bloc Party at the Metro. Somewhere in the city. If you’re interested, drop me a line (email, sms, phone, whatever) and I’ll let you know once I know where 😉

Don’t drill

This (Flash video) turned up in the inbox from WWF-Canada. Excellent piece of work! The main campaign site is

Money line: “for 30 some odd years of construction and drilling we will be able to extract almost a full a year’s worth of that sweet, sweet crude”. The line gets lost in there a bit, but I think that sums up the argument – all that cost and damage for one year’s worth of oil.

Consumption is the issue – we need to reduce our reliance on non-renewables. This project (drilling in ANWR) is the epitome of backward thinking.


You’re probably all aware of the suspected terrorist attacks in London overnight (our time). It’s hard to comprehend the impact of these events on the people who have been injured, or have lost loved ones. When I saw images of the bus that had been attacked you can’t help but get a horrible sinking feeling…

It’s hard to know how to feel about Blair’s “afternoon visit” to London, pulling himself away from the G8. Discussion of resolving debt in African nations, trade talks, and the need to look appropriately shaken but still resolute vs. dealing with a tragedy at home. Tough call.

During the blanket coverage on the major news networks, incessantly repeating the same unconfirmed, pointless information, I turned to the wikinews story on the attacks (via Joi Ito).

I have to admit I’ve been a sceptic about the wikinews project, but last night it became clear just how valuable it is. IMO it was the best coverage of the event around, and continues to develop and evolve (the article that’s there today is very different to the one that was there last night). All of the relevant phone numbers for hotlines established by embassies etc. are there, along with the clearest picture I’ve seen of reported events.

Both the end-result, and the near real-time developments last night were invaluable in getting some idea of what was happening. It is a different approach, but I think provides a valuable addition to the media sphere.

Doc Searls has more, and points to the wikipedia article.