Been a while…

It’s been ages since I posted. I don’t see that changing in a hurry, but just wanted to say to those that are likely to ask – things are cool. Work has been busy – we’ve decided to drop Drupal as our CMS for various reasons (right tool for the wrong task if ya catch my drift) so I’m having to work on something internally.

This is actually a long-time goal (strangely enough) so I’m enjoying the task, but I’m not enjoying the pressure associate with trying to do it all in amongst my other duties. Ang is keeping my feet on the ground and head out of my ass.

Still working on new songs, although my laptop is now starting to strain. My audio I/O box (an M-Audio Duo) bit the dust on the weekend – didn’t handle a dodgy lead with phantom power and kaboom, one channel down and the other doesn’t look happy either. I do hope to upgrade both my lappy and the I/O soon (in July if all goes well), but still frustrating.

Tobes and Sean and I are still working some songs up live. Hopefully we’ll be in a spot to do some demos for gigs real soon now™.

I’ll hopefully be freed up to write a bit more about what I’m working on.