Letter from Bangkok

Worldchanging: Letter from Bangkok:

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, click. At that moment, fourteen million Thai households, whose TVs are showing only this show (the PM has ensured that it’s on all seven channels), are supposed to turn off one unused light. Cameras with aerial views show houses, skyscrapers, whole cities darkening — not fully, but noticeably. And a small moving graph on the screen starts to register the change in energy consumption.

For five full minutes, the line on the graph snakes down and down and down, and the space above it turns a pretty red color, showing exactly how much energy this national exercise is saving compared to the same time yesterday. In just five minutes, Thailand’s national electricity consumption has gone down by over 700 megawatts — enough to shut down one of the country’s fourteen large hydropower stations.

Sounds like a pretty impressive way to raise awareness!