MSM on blogs

Recently started seeing blogs hit the local metro press. And of course they fall into the same well documented traps of their US and UK counterparts – characterising blogs as “the loudmouthed crowd” and searching for the local stars or “A-listers of the blogosphere”.

Quick note to journos and editors: before you write an article on blogs, go read Dan Gillmor or Josh Marshall or Kevin Sites or Clay Shirky or Jay Rosen or Scott Rosenberg or Larry Lessig (I could go on…) – hardly the “loudmouthed crowd”. And recognise that the reason blogs work is precisely because it’s not all about the stars and A-listers – in fact quite the opposite.

Of course, blogs can just be random opinion expressed loudly – but that is to dismiss the wealth of knowledge being generated, accumulated and shared by bloggers. And that is a shame…