The wiki software I have been using recently, Wikka Wiki has recently updated to include file attachments and RSS reading built-in. Very nice! There’s only one thing minor thing I’d change to make it near perfect. But I’m pretty happy with it as is…

  • >There’s only one thing minor thing I’d change to make it near perfect.

    And as a member of the wikka-crew I would I am curious what that little thing could be. You’d like to tell that? 🙂

    And thank you for choosing wikka btw.

  • Hi Nils.

    I’m not sure if it’s actually something that needs changing – which is why I didn’t post it. I’m new to the world of Wiki’s and I’m not sure on the standards regarding the syntax for marking up pages.

    The change I would make, coming from a HTML background, is that I would expect that the heading level syntax would be reversed.

    For example:
    Currently, == is visually smaller than ===

    I would prefer that the syntax be:
    == H1
    === H2
    ==== H3

    As you can see, this also has the side-effect (desirable IMO) of indenting headings in the text syntax, which makes it slightly easier to distinguish the relative importance of the heading.

    This is very minor though, and does not impact my ability to use the tool for team communication or collaboration in the slightest. It may also be something I could change myself, either in code or through other means, but I haven’t had a chance to look into it.

    I just recently upgraded to, and also worked out the Files tool and found the URL re-write option which were the two things I
    felt that Wikka was lacking previously. It is a great tool – my thanks go to all those who have contributed. I’m certainly promoting it to other friends and collaborators.

    Regards, Grant

  • Grant,
    thank you for your answer. I have forwarded it to the rest of the crew so they are informed. We discussed a bit about it on #wikka and found out that people where undecided on this point (some people see more logic on how the system is now).

    But if you want to change the syntax for yourself: search in formatters/wakka.php for comments like “//header 2” where you will find lines like “if($thing == “=====”) – but better backup file and data before 🙂 . The gui-editor is located in 3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit, since don’t know JS you’ll have to try for yourself.


  • Cool! Thanks Nils. I fully understand that people would be undecided – there’s pros and cons to each approach. And as I mentioned, this is pretty minor in the scheme of things.

    I was planning to have a bit of a peak under the hood sometime soon to see if there was a way to do this. I was chatting with someone today about the potential of having plug-in formatters – looks like some of that work is already done.

    Regards, Grant

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