Legal music

fbi radio are hosting free mp3 tracks from local artists.

Meahwhile rumour has it that Apple iTunes store is on it’s way to our shores (I’ll believe it when I see it) and that tracks will cost $1.80+ each. Two words for Apple: dream on…

  • how much are the US tracks?

    sounds as much of a rort as the cross city tunnel fees – they are horrendous!

  • The US iTunes store sells tracks for $0.99 a track but you can only purchase them if you have a US credit card. Ditto for the UK store (not sure on the prices there – Tobes knows).

  • i reckon it’s alright. i’m sure there would be cheaper rates for a whole album, right? if i just wanted to download a song that i liked, i’d pay $1.80. cheaper than buying a cd single, and when was the last time anyone bought a single that wasn’t by their favourite band anyway. if i loved it enough then i’d probably go out and buy the album on cd . or get dave to download it for me.

  • I may be wrong, but I don’t think album downloads are any cheaper. They would come in around $20 on avg for an album – it really needs to be $15 to warrant skipping the packaging and convenience of non-disabled music (music purchased from iTunes store can only be played on iPods and is limited to about 3 copies being made). Seems the record co’s have f$#&ed things up again…

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