Blinking at the Tipping Point

One of my colleagues at WWF has mentioned Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point” a couple of times. Listening to this podcast on the weekend I had a “duh!” moment and finally put two and two together to realise that this was the same Gladwell who wrote Blink, which has been mentioned on numerous weblogs over the past few months.

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend the podcast, and I’m getting my hands on both books soon to check them out. Really interesting stuff, very thought provoking, and I suspect very useful in my line of work…

  • Dude-good to see you are finally catching the podcast train! BTW – I was devastated to learn yesterday that the Gillmor Gang is no more… apparantly taking a break for an unknown amount of time and perhaps to be replaced by a new format. This was by far my #1 podcast – ‘doh!

  • Heh – train would be right – I had 4 hours of train ride to fill, which is why the podcasts made sense. I’m waaaay faster reading stuff than listening, although I do like the personal touch you get from the podcast – a better sense of the author’s sense of humour (if they have one!) etc.

    But… I’ve now got 5 podcasts waiting to be listened to, and no time to do it. My commute to work is too short and too noisy. I’m thinking it would be good to go for a walk once a week and listen to one or two then, but we’ll see if that idea ever gets of the ground…

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