I’ve got a massive backlog of links that I wanted to comment on but didn’t have the time. So, I’m just going to throw them down in a couple of posts like this. Check ’em out if yer interested…

  • Gil Friend: Investor Pressure Drives Ford Climate Risk Report
    We’re going to see more and more of this over the next few years as the reality finally sinks into the business and trading communities. Insurance companies are way ahead of the game on this front.
  • WorldChanging: Starbucks & Nike, Doing the Right Thing
    Whatever ya think of those companies (I’m not a massive fan of either) they are doing some things better than most (still a long way to go though). Nike’s commitment to transparency is long overdue, and it will take some time to see if they are true to their word, but it is a big first step. Interesting that it is risk management that prompted the shift, but also the recognition of the “markets are conversations” meme: “Because if we’ve learned anything as a company, it’s that closing down and not talking about the challenges and opportunities doesn’t get you far.”
  • Be A Design Group: BLU DOT Desktop Clock
    An intriguing “found typography” clock for you Mac or PC. Novelty value wears off pretty quickly though.
  • Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: Podcast: interview with the founders of Zopa
    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet (it’s on my iPod but I haven’t had the space to get into it yet). Zopa is a really interesting concept: “a new organisation that is a kind of “eBay for Money”. Zopa is a British company that creates a new market for individuals to lend and borrow money, bypassing the banks altogether.” Hope it takes off.
  • WorldChanging: Who’s Responsible for Climate Refugees?
    It’s an interesting question, and one that Friends of the Earth, with their Climate Justice campaign, have been working to raise awareness of for some time (the benefit gig I organised a while back was in support of this cause). Our government, in fact most western governments, are ignoring this and it will get ugly if we’re not careful. Some governments in the Pacific consider the continuation of climate change inducing activities in the developed world as akin to terrorism.
  • Hi Grant!

    Couldnt help but comment on a couple of these points….

    With the Starbucks and Nike thing…..I am guarded about it…I mean in the past their have been many attempts by these large coporations to “greenwash”, and this could be another case of that…I have heard some nasty stuff about Starbucks, and I feel that they often they try to impress the public with token efforts- such as introducing one line of Fair trade coffee, sounds great, but many people were confused by the advertising over this stuff and thought that they had completely gone fair trade, but it was only one type, and you could only take it away, not have it there. And 5% is a very small amount of renewable energy to use…a big company like that could easily switch to fully green energy, and it would make a huge difference, and then I would applaude them. I think this is just a token gesture once again.

    As for Nike – they have been losing a constant battle to clear their name , Nike now means sweatshop to most people, and with this new green shoe – awesome, lets move that way, but what about the children that produced it????That issue still hasnt been addressed! I may sound very cynical, but I think they have a very long way to go before you will see me wearing a pair of Nikes! As they are the biggest company in their field, why not make the switch and become an ethical company? And lead the way for the others?

    Im happy if these companies start moving in the right dirrection. but i will save my praise until further notice! 🙂

    as for the climate change stuff – I feel like that is all I think about these days – all week I have been talking to people out on the street about what it means for us and the future of our planet. I have learnt some truly alarming facts during the short time I have been working for greenpeace, and it is definately the number one problem that we are facing today…it has so many various ways that it will have a huge impact on our lives…it already is, birds are changing migratory patterns etc…..And this environmental refugees thing is just another item on the long list of scary shit. And our government is doing nothing about it…which is totally disgusting as we are the largest polluter per capita when it comes to CO2 emmisions…so we are doing heaps of damage and putting our heads in the sand when it comes to solutions…….Wake up Johnny, time to ratify Kyoto methinks! (and thats just the tip of the melting iceberg)

    anyway I have said enough

    much love

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