Climate change tipping point

Duke Energy CEO: We Need A Carbon Tax:

It’s almost enough to cause a double-take: the CEO and Chairman of Duke Energy announced that the firm will lobby for the introduction of a carbon tax in order to reduce fossil fuel use and address global warming.

At our team planning day on Friday (for work) we discussed a lot of things (might try to post some of the thoughts that stuck with me later this week), but one that comes to mind is that we have not yet reached a tipping point in the environmental debate. No-one nowadays tries to debunk the fact that smoking is a health hazard. Yet the global warming debate seems to still be stuck in that loop. Journo’s (and others) are still dragging out quotes from climate change “sceptics” that say that global warming still isn’t proven, or that it may even be a good thing. (Hopefully the recently released Millennium Assessment Report will put that to bed once and for all).

The fact that a US energy company CEO is coming out and supporting the notion of reducing carbon emissions is a big step forward. Perhaps we have reached the tipping point? Here’s hoping…

  • people often want to find fault in environmental arguement…im still not sure if this is just a human tendancy to want to ignore the truth, so then it cant be real and it cant hurt them, or if maybe it has something to do with feelings of guilt? I dont know

    look around people, climate change is already upon us… my interview today they said that greenpeace scientists say that we have about 10 years to take action over global warming or we are stuffed……lets hope people sit up and take notice soon!

    love spiral girl

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