The following is a ramble… sorry… 😉

Today has been a day full of learning new stuff. Checked out a demo of MySource Matrix this morning. Probably going to go with that for the relaunch of wwf.org.au (although I’ve got another CMS to check out yet). Helps that we’re a non-profit and don’t have to front up the $20k license for commercial components (although they are pushing their most expensive support pack on us).

I was planning on building our own scaled back CMS system, but Matrix provides pretty much everything we need, certainly more than I was planning for an initial release, in a way that’s pretty usable. Of course, there are some things that I think could be done better, but at least this way I can focus my energy on building the solution rather than the tool.

In browser news: Jon Hicks pimps Safari and Camino now has a new, better looking, home. Speaking of browser, my girlfriend Ang, who is new to Mac OS X, commented that she hadn’t decided on which browser she was going to use. It was funny hearing her tell a PC user about the choice of browsers on the Mac. Looks like she’s settling on Firefox, although Camino may be a good option.

On a similar thread, I’m getting really fed up with sites that don’t support anything but IE on Windows when there is no reason (other than developer lazyness) for not doing so. In the age of Firefox and Gmail there is rarely a good excuse for not taking a little extra effort to code in a standards compliant way. Seek.com.au is a classic example – randomly breaks on pretty much every browser when there is absolutely nothing that need break with a little bit of effort. Seems the developers went home about two years ago.

On a completely unrelated note, I use a wiki to document a project I am working on. Spammers found it. Assholes. Started the lock-down, but they’re still finding the odd page to spam. Will it never end. Parasites…