Gig + Fairtrade at Mars Hill

Been meaning to mention – I have another gig at Mars Hill cafe (Parramatta) next Thursday. This one was originally going to be a full-band gig but a number of things got in the way of that, so it’s another solo show (mainly acoustic with a bit of sampled/sequenced stuff thrown in). I’ll be doing a slightly longer set this time and will be onstage about 9:30pm. Sean Brokenshire is playing earlier in the night, probably starting at 8:30pm.

The gig is part of what the cafe is calling “Awareness Month” which aims to increase community awareness around poverty and the things we can do locally and globally to help out. As part of their activities they are providing the option of fairtrade coffee. This is in part a trial to see how it goes with a view to perhaps providing it as a permanent offering, so if you come down be sure to check it out and let them know what you think.

I offered to help out with organising a presentation for the month and Margeret Di Nicola from Oxfam has graciously agreed to speak on the 20th (that’s Sunday) at 3pm. If you are free please come down and support both the cafe and Oxfam and learn a bit more about Oxfam’s fairtrade campaigns (particularly their coffee campaign).

  • Awesome!

    Good to see that more people are learning about Oxfam and the great work that they do, and the more people that learn about (and understand the importance of) fair trade, the better!

    Im back volunteering at the Oxfam shop again now, and I was blown away by the amount of fair trade coffees, teas, and chocolates that they now have – they even have fair trade chocolate coated coffee beans! And if anyone reading this works in an office – they do have bulk bags available! So kick out the bloody Nescafe, and get some coffee with conscience!

    I hope everyone supports not only this gig, but the fairtrade coffee trial at the cafe- it will only become more commonly available if more people want it!

    If I was in Sydney I would be at this gig in a second Grant! I’d love to see you play…do you know that I have only ever seen you play in the high school band??? Isnt that disgusting! I should be stricken from the friends list immediately!

    Point is, good luck with the gig!

    love Spiral Grrrl

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