Another great article about what works on the web – based on an Eyetools tracking study. Would be great to get my hands on the full report.

One of the things I would like to change is moving from the “image banner” layout that we currently have to one more like the Amnesty USA site, or even something like that used by news sites such as BBC news. My hunch (somewhat backed up by stats) is that our banner image is so dominating that visitors are missing the feature article. The study summary seems to support that view. (Our nav is also overly dominant, but that’s beside the point).

The summary also reinforces the view that traditional navigation schemes are less important than previously thought. This is a growing meme. And I’m more and more convinced. The issue for me is that we are part of an international organisation with online guidelines, and even though not explicitly stated, it’s pretty clear that the top banner image is a “required element” in WWF homepage designs.

Our brand is obviously important, and that means consistency (to a degree) – so which wins? I think perhaps I need to do some chatting with the other WWF webbies worldwide…

I’d love to do an eye tracking study on any new home page designs, but even at their new reduced rates (about USD$1,000 per design), they’re still a bit too expensive for us. Maybe they have a non-profit price.