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Towards clean energy

Some of you may have seen WWF’s ad in today’s Sydney Morning Herald (Disclosure: I work for WWF). Apparently the NSW government is considering another coal-fired power station for the state. This is not forward thinking – and will spew out the equivalent of 1.5 million cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions.

There are clear and viable alternatives – as any regular reader of would know. WWF has carried out research into energy conservation and alternative energy sources in the NSW context specifically – the report is due out next week.

If you want to help sway the decision makers towards a clean energy future, add your voice to the call for the government to move away from coal-fired power.

Enough power Terrorists ‘at large in Australia’ running with the opening graf: “AUSTRALIA’S top spy has told an international law conference that suspected terrorists are moving freely around Australia because security authorities don’t have enough powers.”

Reading further in the article it seems that they lack the power to prosecute retrospectively (which is a fundamental principle that must be upheld) and that “Australians could have confidence that its legal system had worked well so far and had the capacity to adjust to future challenges.” We don’t need to give away any more freedoms in other words. But just watch the pollies try to wrangle more freedoms away in the name of this bogus “war on terror”.

5 Cents

Creative Commons: weblog: The Shape of Things to Come: 5 Cents. Been thinking about what a music download site might look like in a post iTunes era. Maybe this is an opportunity to find out? Hmmm….

It did get me thinking that maybe we (or someone) should build a Creative Commons 5 cent download site. It could be a good test case, and it would also help artists get compensated. Of course, since all the works would be CC licensed, tracks could probably be legally traded noncommercially.


Scott Rosenberg: Terri Schiavo, political football. You may not have heard of the Schiavo case – but the US media (and weblogs) have been at it for the past couple of weeks. Rosenberg’s piece seems to capture the essence of the situation.

In a case like this, we’re all entitled to our opinions, of course. But only if you’re a congressman or a president do you get to ignore the courts, overrule judges and have your opinion trump the law.

… The hypocrisy would be ludicrous if the case weren’t so heart-rending. We will turn our backs on the myriad deaths in Sudan, we will pay any price in casualties to root out phantom weapons of mass destruction, we will execute the mentally retarded without lifting a pardoning executive finger — but heaven forbid the courts from concluding that one poor woman whose brain shut down many years ago would have preferred her relatives let her die in peace. No, that cannot stand; we must bend or break our system of government to stop it.


Finding that I’ve been doing strange things on weekends of late. Things like gardening, furnishing my room with art and proper blinds. Actually enjoying unconnected life (on weekends). Strange but true.

Even went and had a look at an apartment for sale in Newtown on Saturday. Still just a dream, but interesting all the same.

I have a change of housemates coming up again – in about five weeks my current homies are moving out. I’ve filled one room already, still one to go (if you know anyone…). I’m completely not stressed and absolutely fine with the change. Very unusual for me.

Not sure what all this means, but I’m enjoying it.


The following is a ramble… sorry… 😉

Today has been a day full of learning new stuff. Checked out a demo of MySource Matrix this morning. Probably going to go with that for the relaunch of (although I’ve got another CMS to check out yet). Helps that we’re a non-profit and don’t have to front up the $20k license for commercial components (although they are pushing their most expensive support pack on us).

I was planning on building our own scaled back CMS system, but Matrix provides pretty much everything we need, certainly more than I was planning for an initial release, in a way that’s pretty usable. Of course, there are some things that I think could be done better, but at least this way I can focus my energy on building the solution rather than the tool.

In browser news: Jon Hicks pimps Safari and Camino now has a new, better looking, home. Speaking of browser, my girlfriend Ang, who is new to Mac OS X, commented that she hadn’t decided on which browser she was going to use. It was funny hearing her tell a PC user about the choice of browsers on the Mac. Looks like she’s settling on Firefox, although Camino may be a good option.

On a similar thread, I’m getting really fed up with sites that don’t support anything but IE on Windows when there is no reason (other than developer lazyness) for not doing so. In the age of Firefox and Gmail there is rarely a good excuse for not taking a little extra effort to code in a standards compliant way. is a classic example – randomly breaks on pretty much every browser when there is absolutely nothing that need break with a little bit of effort. Seems the developers went home about two years ago.

On a completely unrelated note, I use a wiki to document a project I am working on. Spammers found it. Assholes. Started the lock-down, but they’re still finding the odd page to spam. Will it never end. Parasites…


WorldChanging: Goodbye, Kilimanjaro.

In 2000, images from Landsat, one of the various Earth-observing satellites, took an alarming picture, showing that much of the snow and glaciation at the Kilimanjaro summit had disappeared in just ten years.

I saw an add for the IMAX movie on Kilimanjaro – I wonder if they highlight this?