Nintendo DS

On the bus this morning an excited passenger was sharing his new Nintendo DS with his friend. I tried one of these in a store a few weeks back and was largely unimpressed, but this morning – wow! The screen was much clearer – maybe they were running it in low power mode at the store – but the graphics were as good as my N64 (which still resides under the TV for the odd game session when the Xbox is having a rest).

And there is also a little stylus replacement that allows you to use your thumb for game control – much nicer. I still think the PSP is gonna kick its ass, but it’s a pretty wicked unit all the same…

  • Excellent post Grant. A post I will really be able to get into.

    So the DS is good, yes? I am indeed interested. Although I’m not entirely a fan of the handheld scene in general, the DS looks to be something truly innovative and I think it will be very exciting to see what Nintendo comes up with. I get the impression that all the titles right now are very rushed. Super Mario DS for example does look inviting, but the N64 version is still the way to go and it never really impressed me that much anyway.

    Metroid Hunters will be awesome and they’ve just confirmed a new Zelda game for it.

    I think the thing that will intrigue me most about it are indeed the re-releases. The successor to the Gamecube will be backwards compatible, thus with the re-releases of many games on the horizon, Nintendo will for once have it’s entire library available. I’m especially excited that some of their earlier games for the NES will be re-released, as most of those games I’ve only had as dodgy roms on my harddrive.

    Hope this geek speak made sense to you, Grant…

  • Cheers on the article. I’ll check it out.

    I tried a DS in the store today, found the stick a bit hard to use and the controls a bit difficult in general. But it’s promising I guess. I’ll hold off before I make a judgement.

  • If by “stick” you mean the stylus for control – I agree wholeheartedly. What this guy was using on the train was a little cord that he wrapped around his thumb so he could use his left thumb instead. Worked a treat. If by “stick” you mean something else – ignore me 😉

  • Yeah, the pencil thing. That goddamn Yoshi wouldn’t run if I used the directional pad, and if I used the pencil to chase the goddamn rabbits he’d be running all over the shop.

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