Bloc Party

Upon the recommendation of a friend I picked up Silent Alarm by Bloc Party – loving it! It’s an awesome album – and I don’t think it’s going to wear off quickly… I also picked up Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game – some cool stuff on there, but didn’t grab me as much. Maybe it’s a grower…

  • this rekurd is fucking excellent. glad you picked it up. who recommended it? was it me? :/

  • I agree with bazarama. fucking brillient record. i find it gets better with age as well.

  • yes baz – twas ye. tis a wicked piece of work. can’t get it out of my head. and like tobes I’m liking it better the more it gets spun on ye olde ipode.

    as with all good music it’s hard to describe what it’s like really. I’d say it’s got a punky raw kinda vibe – and I mean that in the best sense, not the blink 182 sense. the singers got an inglish accent and the lyrics are half spoken half shouted to great effect. great guitar interplay, rockin drums and some well placed keys add up to a really cool sound. some quieter moments really round it out nicely. i’d thoroughly recommend it…

  • they’re like a friendlier at the drive in with more hooks. with a bit of blur, radiohead and death cab thrown in. eagerly awaiting a tour.

  • Most of Thievery Corporation is music that will eventually grow on you, give them time they will deliver… I’m digging track 13 at the moment Wires and Watchtowers. Also check out Unkle if you haven’t already… I think you’d like them.


  • Bazra – why’d you have to bring my mum into this? You’re lucky your description of Bloc Party is so good, else I’d have to slap ya! 😉

    Meri – yeh – thinking that about Thievery – listened to it again on the weekend and liking it more. I’m a big Unkle and DJ Shadow fan, so you got got that one right 😉

  • I had the pleasure to see a DJ Shadow gig 2 years ago, amazing… absolutley amazing. I Recon that dude has worked with nearly everybody… Checkout Quannum another group thing he’s in and if you are into Hip Hop i’ll give you some names of some unreal artist to check out too. I can see a mix cd in the making here for you… :p

  • Hey Meri – you suck :p I’d love to see DJ Shadow. Barry lucked out and saw Unkle a little while back, but it was James Lavelle and some other dude (maybe Richard File or Tim Goldsworthy) so he missed the DJ Shadow experience. Can’t wait to see him live – would be awesome.

    As for that mix cd – bring it on! 😉

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