iTunes fun

Partly as an experiment in remote procedure calls, I’ve added a new section in my sidebar called “Current Listening” which lists the current track in my itunes at work. More useless trivia 😉

For those technically inclined – it’s a combination of iTunes, kung-tunes, and iframes RPC.

Update: so much for that little diversion – IE on PC crapped out. Seems version 6 here was working fine, but other versions weren’t. Bugger…

  • Heh – I’m gonna try a different method to get the last 5 played without internet explorer going nuts on me. hopefully tomorrow…

  • YAY! Maybe its a voyeristic thing, but I thought it was cute to be able to see what you were listening to!

    of course Ash the Geek said that what would be awesome is that when the song that you were listening to was in our itunes as well ( so its a song we both like) that it would make our itunes fire up and play it, so that we are listening to it at the same time………and i had to admit that would be kinda cool!

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