I remember the night I first heard Death Cab for Cutie – Barry and I were heading home from rehearsal and he put on “Styrofoam Plates” and I was blown away with lyrics like “it’s no stretch to say you were not quite a father but a donor of seeds to a poor single mother that would raise us alone” and the rattling “I won’t join in the procession that’s speaking their piece using five dollar words while praising his integrity and just cause he’s gone it doesn’t change the fact: he was a bastard in life thus a bastard in death”.

Then Barry played me the bridge of “We Laugh Indoors” which blew me away even more. Every time I revisit The Photo Album and it gets to that section I can’t help but stop what I’m doing and get completely, bodily, into it – just to take a moment to take in the awesome drum work and the immense power of that section. I’m sure it’s a very strange sight to see me sitting quietly in my corner at work and then start playing air guitar and drums and shaking my head like a (slightly) mad mofo. It just came on then – after hundreds of listens it still grabs me by the throat and forces me to take notice. Awesome!

  • Music that creates that feeling is all encompassing.

    For me the artist that i find myself continually going back to and just totally absorbed by his lyrics and phrasing is Matthew Good (Canada). The production on his albums ( by Warne Livesey) is also a huge influence on the songs. Such huge drum sounds and awesome use of delays and reverbs.

    On another note, i have really been getting into the latest 78 Saab album (Crossed Lines) in the last few weeks since purchasing it. A really good album from a great indie australian band.

    To think i supported them several times many years ago in a band i played in (and would now like to forget), but at the time i was not totally into the indie sound of music. I also supported Bluebottle Kiss, again whom i totally love now, but at the time was not really into them as much.

    Strange how tastes in music can change so radically in only a few years.

  • Its awesome when music can just grab you like that!

    Im still hooked on the Damien Rice album and ( for those that know it) the end section of “I remember”. It just totally gets inside my skin when i hear it…..its such a raw emotional and powerful piece of music that i really connect to, and it gets me every time. I have such a physical reaction to it that its almost scary!

    Its amazing and awesome that music can do that to people

    much love
    Spiral Girl

  • The O album from Damien is pretty cool.

    I still love Volcano, the song that got me into the album, and the more i listen the more i fall in love with Lisa Hannigan’s angelic voice.

    The bridge section in The Blowers Daughter is breathtaking. Also her take on the traditional silent night song (acapella version that she has re-written her own lyrics for) is awesome, and somewhat emotional. She really loves (but at the same time hates) somebody she is singing about.

    I am in love with her………

    Damien’s songs (and Lisa’s voice) are even better on the bonus 3 track DVD of live acoustic studio tracks that comes with the US version of the album (ahhh good old Red Eye records to the rescue)…

  • She is pretty special isnt she?

    But I still think as far as emotion goes, Damien shits all over her

    I am in love with him…… 🙂

    I only saw the bonus edition AFTER i had already bought the normal version! damn i hate it when that happens!

    much love
    Spiral Girl

  • I’ve always loved Death Cab’s way of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. like:

    “the glove compartment isn’t accurately named, and everybody knows it, so i’m proposing a swift orderly change, cos behind it’s doors there’s nothing to keep my fingers warm”

    i just love little observational lyrics like that. quirky. and they make damn good music.

  • Yep – definitely a great album (and one of those that I have to go out and buy really, really soon).

    I remember when I first heard these guys – I was lucky enough to score a last minute spare ticket and tagged along with Grant and the Glance crew to see Something for Kate, and DCFC were playing support. Absolutely blew me away, and the Photo Album still does – right from the opening chord of Steadier Footing, through the shuffling progression of A Movie Script Ending and the awesome pumping riff of Why You’d Want To Live Here.

    At one point recently, iTunes advised me that this was my most played album (through it and the ishPod at least). And with good reason I might add.

    Thanks for putting me onto them dude!

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