Organic food

I overheard someone say the other day words to the effect of “what’s all this organic stuff that’s appearing in the shops? It’s probably just the label, a marketing ploy.” Two things struck me.

The first is just how cynical we’ve become in society of marketing and corporations (and, of course, politicians) the we don’t event trust labels anymore and that companies can’t be stopped from using misleading tactics to create an impression that their product is something it isn’t.

The second was that I wondered what sort of Australian certification programs/bodies exist that we, as consumers, can use to confirm that food is indeed organic and not just labeled as such to get into the market. I’m aware that there are a few, but I was wondering if anyone knew what to look for?

  • The sad thing is that some use of the term organic is a marketing ploy – such as all the “organic” shampoos out now that are not oranically grown products- its just that the term oraganic can be used to describe anything, without needing to prove a damn thing!

    To state that something is organically grown is another matter, and all organically produced produsts will have a label that shows the authenticity – so check the labels for certification people!

    Just like with anything, we need to do all the work ourselves and be informed about our choices – like foods can be labelled suitable for vegetarians and still contain animal products such as rennet in the cheese…..The labelling laws in this country are way way too slack!

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