Toby: Mamdouh minutes …:

…but the plain simple fact is no evidence – over three long years – came to light that enabled the US or Australian authorities to convict this man of any crime.

Until that changes, leave him alone.

I missed the interview – but I’d read/heard that there wasn’t a lot new in there, and I usually start yelling at the TV when I watch shows like 60 Minutes. I’m more disappointed I missed the 4 Corners program last night about the same topic (alleged torture of prisoners by the US/coalition).

But I have to concur with Toby’s appraisal. After three years the US found nothing to charge this man with and still the government keeps on with its line that he’s still a suspect and needs to be watched and trying to stop him from getting paid for telling his story. Leave the man in peace. He’s been through enough.