• A journalistic approach, no matter how idealistic will always create ‘stories’ which aren’t ‘reality’. If it isn’t reality it must by default be a story. In a world of humans, at our current level of evolution, we cannot write about reality because there are always factors far more complex, unseen, misunderstood, and beyond our limits of capability to understand that exist. Until you are able to follow a journalistic approach that is able to report the reality of something verbatim it is all just stories. It doesn’t mean you can’t try and write a damn good story though!

    My belief is that the most important pillar should be integrity given most humans are profusive liars mostly to themselves and a lot to others, including many journos who claim to be objective but have often tricked themselves in to beleiving they are. Integrity should be the cornerstone pillar. After all you can accurately, thoroughly, fairly and in a transparent manner show a killers story of how they got on death row. The reality is that it is just a story because you can NEVER be sure its true (unless you think you are God). History proves this over and over. Integrity would bring ‘this is just a story’ and ‘we may be wrong’ concepts, amongst others, to the journalistic effort.

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