• Well Im so glad that Jo Beth has returned, Phew! Now I can sleep at night! How did we cope this long without her?

    I cant believe that Beazley is back AGAIN!! Surely there would have been someone else they could choose..I mean I think he isnt too bad, and hey, Im all for recycling, but not with prospective PM’s!

    Spiral girl

  • Who wants to start a Jedi Party with me? Gruntwurzle, get tinkering and build me a droid (a flashy purple one), oh, and a few hundred lightsabers. Together (and with a bit of Force) we’ll clean up Canberra. No more pollies. No more parasitic diplomats. No more of that wretched aunt that lives there and causes grief to the rest of the family. Goddammit Grant, where’s me bloody droid?


    p.s I bags the pink lightsaber.

  • LOL! Spiralgirl – there’s talk of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard too. But Beazley is definitely odds on favourite. I like Rudd, but as I said to someone the other day I think he has the charisma of a rat. But then again, so does John Howard – so maybe they’d be onto something 😉

    I have more thoughts on the whole Latham thing – getting over my initial disappointment and thinking about some other related stuff. Will post again soon.

    To Kris – I am working on it – didn’t you see my post about robots 😉 I do recall there being a Jedi party a few years back (and I am being serious) – maybe at the local level, I can’t remember. Maybe we should look them up 😉

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