Best of…

Seems everyone’s doing a “best of” list. Thought I’d throw in my $0.02.

Best Albums

  1. The Devoted Few – Billboard Noises
  2. Sarah Blasko – The Overture and the Underscore
  3. Youthgroup – Skeleton Jar
  4. Wilco – A Ghost is Born
  5. Big Heavy Stuff – Dear Friends and Enemies

Notable mention: Beck – Seachange (not released this year, but I just got it and it’s amazing)

Best Movies

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  2. Lost in Translation
  3. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
  4. Hero

Hasn’t been a great movie year – I may have missed some but no more are coming to mind…

Best Weblogs

…lost on the sidewalk (I and II)
Amy manages to capture the essence of where I live wonderfully. Her shots are always inspiring to me and there is a sense of fun, (sometimes) mystique and reverence in her work that I just love. The band shots are cool, but it’s her “urban landscape” photos that really blow me away. She’s just started a new weblog just about Newtown that is shaping up to be just as good.

Every time I read a post by Jay or one of his guest writers I feel like I have a front row seat at a really interesting lecture or seminar. A media and journalism course for free! And so often the comments attached to posts are as interesting to read as the articles themselves.

Takes me on a journey that makes me think and feel and rediscover what spirituality is about. Stories that touch me, make me smile, make me cry.

Scott Rosenberg
Although he’s been posting less frequently since he started in earnest on his book, whenever Scott chooses to post something it is always thought provoking and well considered.

Scripting News
Dave Winer is a blogging pioneer and his weblog continues to be worthy reading everyday. Sometimes with the smallest of comments he changes my perspective on things and the links he throws out there have introduced me to countless new people and new ideas.

Written by the author of the blogging software I use (that being NetNewsWire and MarsEdit), Brent’s thoughts and pointers have been incredibly interesting and fun to boot (for a techy like me anyway). But mostly I am just so grateful to Brent for making the software that has had such an impact on me personally.

Best Books

  1. We The Media – Dan Gillmor
  2. Take Control of Your Worry – Lisa Lampe
  3. Rise of the Creative Class – Richard Florida
  4. Good News for a Change – David Suzuki and Holly Dressel

Best Moments

  • Being offered my new job
  • Launching ‘A Lifetime to Forget You’ at the Hopetoun
  • Radiohead live in concert
  • Seeing The Devoted Few at the Metro
  • John and Kylie’s wedding
  • geez grant, you are too kind. thank you so much. your comments about my blog always keep me doing it! merry christmas.

  • John and Kylie’s wedding, I agree. That was most definitely a defining momentof 2004.You do realise that you’re next. I can’t get married again until you do.

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