… wonderful when it works. Shit when it doesn’t.

Today – my new phone (bought just yesterday) is being returned with faulty bluetooth (wrestling with automated phone systems is fun – NOT – I wish those things would go burn in hell. Why is it that the option your after is never listed, and even when you think it’s listed, you get put through to the wrong place anyway); the Glance website has taken a tumble for no apparent reason; I discover that the Musology weblog is completely over-run with comment spam.

So I’m going to go and read something on paper…

Update: I got a replacement phone straight away from the dealer and bluetooth is now working perfectly. Yay!

  • ahh the geek’s lament….Ill always be one for pen and paper before technology…..but even then I can never find a pen 🙂

    lots of technology seems to be failing me at the moment – hotmail is now my greatest enemy

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