Alex Steffen (@ WorldChanging): Reframing the Planet

National groups themselves have lacked a shared strategy or vision, while the movement as a whole has lacked what I call a ‘win scenario’ — a clearly articulatable and complete description of how the world will be a better place if we get what we want.

[via Movement as Network]

Very interesting points – how to turn the environmental debate to the people? By focussing on Prosperity, Security, Luxury, Health, Progress and Success, not Self-esteem. That’s the basic premise. The comments look lively too.

Update: Choice quote from the comments – Ted Wolf:

I would love to see, for instance, a good commentary on the Iranian uranium enrichment standoff that took the tack “Well, if part of Iran’s motivation really is seeking confidence about a long-term power source, here’s the perspective and package that can make Iran the regional leaders in green power — at much less financial and diplomatic expense than their silly flirtation with the nuclear fuel cycle. Here’s how the US and the world community can help make that happen. Here’s how we all win.”